Meet our Founder, Col Handa

Col. Rajinder Handa


After guarding India’s borders for 27 years
and risking his life for the country,
senior retired Army officer Col. Rajinder Handa,
75, our Founder and Chairman, forayed into
the field of stock broking in 1993, founding
CSB (Col's Stock Broking House), then known as
SIC (Service Investment Center).

Established Army


We are the brainchild of Col. Handa who founded CSB as a sub- broker under the name of SIC in Bangalore in 1993 after giving the Indian Army 27 faithful and loyal years. The year of our birth- 1993

Stepping into Uncharted Territory


Starting out as a sub-broker under the name of SIC in 1993 in Bangalore, we have come a long way in the past two decades. Over the years, SIC has gained widespread presence across the country, earning access to membership of the country’s top stock exchanges and diversifying into a range of financial solutions to offer our clients the best financial advice and products tailor-made to their needs. We are present in Bangalore, Mumbai, Whitefield, Ahmadabad, New Mumbai, and currently have 50 employees in our team.


By founding CSB, Col. Handa has claimed the honour of being the only person from an Army background to have earned a membership in the country’s leading stock and clearing exchanges including the NSE, BSE, BgSE and CDSL, showing his tremendous entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation skills, which have helped him make a mark in a field that had been unexplored by any Army or Defence person before.

" If you want swashbuckling action in your life, become an entrepreneur and give it a go, "

Richard Branson, English businessman and investor, and the founder of Virgin Group.


Accomplishing a rare feat, our founder Col. Handa is the only ex-Defence personnel from India to have successfully established a reputed broking business, which has earned unparalleled trust among its clients.

" The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you’re not willing to stay where you are "

Launching CSB

After 22 years in the stock broking business, we have decided to change our brand name from SIC to CSB.
As a part of our brand buildng strategy , to give our domestic broking firm a makeover, whilst retaining our core values and principles ,
of Discipline, Integrity amnd Transpanrency ,Inheriting the strength from brand SIC and moving to brand CSB.
Our new brand name reflects our unique Defense services background and its ethos, which has contributed immensely
to the values and vision of our firm. CSB owes its success to Col. Handa’s tireless efforts,
while his experience in serving the Army has been invaluable to our firm.




Thanks to our Chairman’s Defence background, we have inherited the core values of Indian Army,
which include discipline, transparency and integrity. We help our clients adopt a disciplined and
time-oriented approach to investing while transparency and integrity are among the other core values
which we have inherited from our history and background. This makes us stand out from other broking
institutions as we provide advice and investment products which are first and foremost in the
best interests of our clients. More than two decades of Col. Handa’s hard work,
commitment, leadership, never-give up spirit and discipline
all values inbred in successful Defence personnel, has catapulted
CSB among the country’s well-recognized stock brokerages, having a pan India presence.

Why choose CSB

  • Best in the Business

    We are among the leading stock brokerages in the country, having a presence across major metros including Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, and New Mumbai.

  • Trusted brand name

    We bring over 22 years of proven experience of trading in the stock markets and creating wealth for our customers. So, you can entrust us with the responsibility of fulfilling your financial goals and making money in stocks.

  • Growing client base

    We have the honour of serving more than 50,000 clients and handling more than 1,000 trades per day, with the numbers increasing by the day.

  • Managerial expertise

    With Col. Handa, an Army veteran who has been handling stock broking, company and financial products for more than 20 years, at the helm of affairs, your money is in trusted hands.

  • Superior services

    We have the highest standards of services in the domestic brokerage industry.

  • Competitive edge over other brokerages

    Our focus on quality, and not quantity, in servicing helps give personalized attention and focus to each one of our customers and offer them exclusive, and tailor made services and financial products best suited to their needs. USP over other brokerages Our unique size allows us to render specialized focus and attention to each of our clients, understanding their needs and offering them personalized and customized services.

  • Low brokerage rates

    At CSB, you can be assured of seamless and unrivaled trading experience at the most competitive rates.

  • Adding value to your investments

    We help bring value to every customer by offering
    • Cutting edge research
    • Speedy trade execution
    • Cherry-picking stocks and investments that suit your risk profile
    • Unparalleled investment advice
    "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest" - Benjamin Franklin, author of 'The Way to Wealth'
  • Investment boutique

    One-stop shop for all your financial needs.
    • Equity
    • Derivatives
    • Mutual Fund
    • Debt Market
    • IPO
  • Unrivaled research

    Our in-house research team is the best in the business and is specially trained and experienced in stock market research. Come, bank on our team of equity and financial advisors which help cherry pick potentially rewarding stocks.

  • Power-packed equity services

  • Core Services

    • Trading in BSE
    • Trading in NSE
    • Easy trade for multi-exchange users/traders


  • Flash News
  • Intra Day Calls
  • Intra-day & historical charts
  • Call n trade from anywhere
  • SMS Alerts
  • Real time trade confirmation via SMS
  • Portfolio Tracker
  • World Market updates
  • ECN facility
  • Web-enabled Back Office
  • Centralized Help Desk



Corporate Membership BgSE


Corporate Membership NSE


Corporate Membership - MCX


Corporate Membership BSE


Depositary Participant- CDSL


Global Broking Company

2001 Corporate Membership BgSE
2004 Corporate Membership BSE
2007 Corporate Membership NSE
2008 Depositary Participant- CDSL
2011 Corporate Membership - MCX
We serve you better than anyone else can, thanks to our superior value system owing to our unique background

Vision and Mission

AT CSB, customer satisfaction is not enough.
We believe in "Customer Delight" and our team continuously strives to achieve it.

While most brokerages adopt a Push strategy to attract customers,
we at CSB believe in a PULL approach. We actively practice this by educating our prospective and current clients of their investment needs and then offering them products which we feel are best suited to them.
Over the years, our clients have entrusted us with the responsibility of fulfilling their financial goals, and we have always endeavored to repay their faith and trust to the best of our ability, putting their interest above everything else.
At CSB, we believe in doing the right thing, sticking to our core value of Integrity, acquired from our promoter’s Army background. Abiding by the principle of transparency and honesty, we believe in full disclosure of dealings and information to our clients, a value which has helped us win their trust. Just as discipline is at the heart of every Army personnel, CSB helps its clients incorporate a disciplined and time-oriented approach to investing, enabling them to meet their financial goals.

We follow a trust-led PULL approach as compared to the competition who Push products to clients regardless of their needs.

People Like

I’ve been associated with SIC, now known as CSB, since 1999 and learned about the markets and its intricacies from them. My experience with the company is unforgettable. The dealers are friendly. The research data of CSB is exhaustive, and this wealth of information available has helped me make profitable decisions which have eventually led to an amazing trading experience. CSB takes care of every small detail and its recommendations have led me to enhance my overall understanding and familiarity with the markets. Thank You for being a great financial friend!

Mr. Ashwatha Narayana S (A063)

In my 19-year old association with CSB, the numerous changes have been made both to my investment and CSB has met my requirements extremely well each time, managing my portfolio during both good and bad periods. I have witnessed the company’s worthwhile journey from SIC to CSB. The company has consistently worked in my best interests to mitigate risk and enhance my portfolio returns. CSB has my utmost trust and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a consummate investment company.

Mr. Nisar Ahmed Nazeer

My relationship with CSB is now about 22 years old. Since 1993, I have been an extremely happy and satisfied clint and can vouch for its services. Its user friendly website has allowed me to make my transactions seamless. The unique and informative content, which is updated regularly, makes it easy for the investors to understand their products which are a big plus for the first timers. Their innovative approach towards trading also adds some generous value to the traders. Today, I can blindly recommend CSB to all my near and dear ones.

Ms. Ruby Talukdar (Code: r018)

I have been associated with CSB since 2007 and find it extremely useful as it allows me to keep myself updated about the markets, both domestic and global. It provides a strong platform that gives a ready access to research, and also allows performance tracking in a hassle-free manner. Lastly, its safe and secure payment gateway is very convenient to use. Guys, keep up the good work!

Mr.John P I (Code: J017)



"Investors should remember that excitement and expenses are their enemies.
And if they insist on trying to time their participation in equities, they should try to be fearful when others are greedy and greedy only when others are fearful."
- The Sage of Omaha, Warren Buffett

Gain an edge in equity markets with CSB

At CSB, we are driven by the intent to create wealth for our investors. But, wealth creation is easier said than done. More than ever before, the last few years of equity market rollercoaster have shown the transient and unpredictable trait of equity markets globally. But, equities also present an unparalleled opportunity to create long-term wealth, as the celebrated example of the world’s most successful investor-ever, Warren Buffett, shows.

Investing in equity can pull higher returns than any other form of investment, provided they are wisely chosen and retained. Equity acts as a hedge against inflation, helps create long-term wealth, and offers liquidity and diversification across asset classes.

Better known as the Father of Value Investing, Benjamin Graham once said,
“There are two rules of investing, the first rule is don’t lose. The second rule is don’t forget rule number one.”


These two rules are deeply imbibed in CSB by its founder and a senior retired Army officer Col. Rajinder Handa. He has the honour of being the only person from an Army background to have earned a membership in the country’s leading stock and clearing exchanges.

Led by the core values of Indian army namely discipline, transparency and integrity, CSB has formed lasting relationships with its clients, enabling them to profit from market opportunities, by ‘sweating’ their hard-earned money. CSB extends proven online trading know-how, honed over years of its operations, spanning various exchanges and market segments through a native platform.

What will any of our long-standing clients say if you spoke to them on why CSB should be your ‘Broker of Choice’ ?
While, they would cite a number of reasons on why they have stayed with CSB over the years, three underlying qualities of CSB will stand out:


With senior retired Army Officer Col. Rajinder Handa as CSB’s Founder and Chairman, trust is deeply embedded into how we conduct our business and transaction with valued clients. As a result, word of mouth recommendation from our existing clients remains the most frequent (and preferred) way of growing our clientele.


With over 22 years of experience in the capital markets, CSB is among India’s leading financial services institutions with well-established domestic and global operations. We take a unique Boutique Approach to investing, where our clients get the personalized attention and care that only a smaller financial services house can provide, BUT, with the market experience, presence, and infrastructure comparable to that of larger financial services entities.


Consistent with the belief that bigger does not necessarily mean better and every investor has unique needs, we are focused on value, not cost. In line with this belief, CSB offers customized brokerage plans and allows you to choose a plan that fits your trading style, pattern, and investing needs.

CSB assures you complete control over your need to scrutinize thorough information, gauge investing schemes, keep an eye on your investments, allot portfolios and have quick online access to your trading reports anytime, anywhere.

CSB believes in the mantra – Discipline - Transparency – Integrity, and offers a matchless trading experience that translates into sound investment decisions.


Investing through stock markets opens your window to an unexplored world!

When a company issues equity to the public for the first time, it is called an Initial Public Offer (IPO). Quite understandably, the decision to invest or not can be very tricky for an investor due to lack of historical information on the company, and its future growth prospects.

This is where CSB steps in with its cutting-edge research and analysis that helps you choose the right company with the apt fundamentals. The main source of information in IPOs is the Red Herring Prospectus, which is thoroughly examined by CSB’s research team and special attention is paid to the management team and its plan to use the funds generated from the IPO.

In addition, CSB has developed a proprietary analytical framework, the IPO Money Meter, to estimate and forecast the money-making potential of an IPO- on listing, and in the medium and long term. This unique framework has been tested and refined over the years, significantly enhancing its accuracy, and has generated extraordinary returns for thousands of investors.

  • WHY CSB ?

    Investing in IPOs made easy, and rewarding, with CSB!
    • With CSB it’s fast, easy and as simple as calling a friend for help! You can seamlessly apply to the latest public offerings with just a few clicks.
    • The success of CSB has been a result of immense understanding of the Primary Markets, a wide network across India and a dedicated research team that provides clients with in-depth overviews of forthcoming IPOs as well as tailor-made investment recommendations.
    • CSB has simplified the process of application for an IPO. Now investors can apply for IPOs with a single click or a call based on their convenience.
    • CSB also lists out news linked to the IPO’s including allotment status, listing dates etc. The experienced and well-qualified research analysts offer fundamental research on all the open IPOs.

Mutual Fund

Diversify your Portfolio with CSB

Buying a mutual fund is like buying a small slice of a pizza. The owner of a mutual fund unit gets a proportional share of the fund’s gains, losses, income and expenses. Generally, mutual funds are acknowledged as an investment option providing low risk and moderate returns. Mutual Funds are liquid in nature and are easy to sell. They are registered with SEBI and hence, well-regulated.

Mutual funds offer a wide bouquet of investment options to investors – equity schemes, fixed income schemes, money market schemes, hybrid schemes, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) etc. But, this choice, running into hundreds of mutual fund schemes in each category, can be mindboggling. Investors want to spend the least time, experience zero hassle, and generate relatively secure returns when they are investing through mutual funds.

Acknowledging this need, at CSB, we take an approach to mutual fund investing, which is unique in three ways. One, it is customized to the risk appetite and investment needs of the investor. Two, our experienced analysts are continuously identifying hidden, below-the-radar investment opportunities which can provide higher returns. And, three, we evaluate mutual funds going beyond the conventional metrics of NAV-based total returns to provide a 360-degree view of fund performance.

  • WHY CSB ?

    • INHOUSE RESEARCH: At CSB, Mutual Funds offerings are backed by solid research and expert advice from market-recognized consultants.
    • PAPERLESS TRANSACTION: CSB also offers paperless investing experience allowing investors to purchase and redeem the MF units online.
    • CUSTOMIZATION: CSB also allows portfolio reconstruction by allowing you to make changes in it. The research team helps you in rearrangement based on your profile.
    • VALUE-ADDED SERVICES: Investors are kept abreast with the latest information related to the markets and schemes through offer documents and annual reports.

Currency Derivatives

In simple words Currency Derivatives are transferable futures contract that specifies the rate at which currency can be bought or sold at a future date

High Profits @ Low Cost: At CSB, we always have our eye on the ball.

Currency has progressed into an unfailing asset class due to its deep liquidity, relatively low volatility and low-cost per trade. It is a unique product and helps in hedging the portfolio against the future risk. At the same time, derivatives are used constructively for arbitrage and speculation too.

Let’s look at the benefits in detail.

  • It is a new asset class for diversification of investments for all resident Indians.
  • It allows investors to hedge against losses
    • Importers and exporters can hedge their future payables and receivables,
    • Borrowers can hedge foreign currency loans for interest and principal payments
  • Currency futures can be used by the investors to speculate on the short-term movements in the market.
  • It opens up trading opportunities because of its unpredictability and diversity.
  • It offers exceedingly transparent rates to traders as it is exchange-traded.
  • WHY CSB ?

    CSB is one of the few broking houses who offers this product. Following are few of the benefits that you would enjoy as a customer of CSB
    • CSB allows trading of currency derivatives, equities and MFs on a single trading platform.
    • We offer exclusive research reports for currency derivatives trading to help you take educated decisions.
    • With CSB you can place buy or sell orders even through internet or over the phone.
    Presently, only Futures contracts in Currency derivatives have been introduced in India. Trading in Currency derivatives through CSB will hence be presently offered in Futures contracts only.

    NEVER accept "conventional wisdom" when it comes to finance. If others keep failing, why do you want to follow them ? Currency Derivatives are often misunderstood and are plagued by numerous myths. While entering the world of derivatives, you must follow the above quote by a renowned financial expert.

    The charm of the currency derivatives market has to do with the availability of opportunities for investors with strong will power and passion to make money in the market. Moreover, the futures market transactions have the possibility of a greater return compared to the other forms of investment. This is due not only to the leverage effect, but also to the lack of transaction costs taking the floor when trading on the underlying asset market.

    Reasons derivatives should be preferred by investors are:
    • Risk is Pre-defined: Derivatives consist of a small monetary obligation and the risk is cut down since the price is set in advance.
    • Hedging: It is a popular financial instrument used for hedging, a method of reducing risk.


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CSB is happy to offer LiveSquawk, which is an audio news service for traders, brokers and other professionals who need up-to-the-second market news. We service clients from around the world, helping them react quickly and confidently to global events.

What we do

  • First Audio Squawk Service in India Covering Economic data, Reserve Bank of India and other central Bank speakers from India and China majorly. Additionally covered Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and many more. Covers all related news and flows for the major Indian equity, bond, FX and commodity markets.
  • Any news, rumors or market developments that could affect price action in the assorted Indian equities, currencies, fixed income and commodity markets.
  • US stock futures, major global currencies, bonds and commodity trading during Asia-Pacific market hours.
  • Pre-Market India and Asia-Pac economic calendar and summaries of US fixed income and US sessions
  • In-depth pre-market stock rundowns of NSE and NSE.
  • Strong Team of Analysts covering US, Europe and Asia Pac
  • Having Strong Global Presence in Global Markets over a decade.

Livesquawk Covers

  • Breaking News, Rumours Flow Important Numbers
  • Equities
  • Currencies
  • Debt
  • Commodities
  • Global And Asian Data


Business Associates

"Connect & Grow by Hitching Your Wagon to a Star"

If you want to make your mark as an entrepreneur in the world of investing, be a part of the growing CSB franchisee family!

CSB is registered as a national Broker and is a long-standing member of the NSE and the BSE. The fully-integrated financial services firm follows a boutique investing and client servicing approach, and offers an extraordinary opportunity to entrepreneurs by listing them as Sub-Brokers and Authorised Person. CSB provides complete know-how and technical expertise, using which the Sub-broker can provide an attractive variety of financial products in several asset classes- Equity, Derivatives, IPO, Mutual Funds and DP services.

By partnering with CSB as a Business Associate, you and your clients will have assured peace of mind. So, you can devote your energies towards making the best use of your earning potential. CSB ensures that its trust-driven, high-returns business model and years of expertise give you the desirable edge over other Sub-Brokers, thus helping you establish and build a loyal client base.

  • CSB Value Proposition : A Win-Win for All

      Joining hands with brand “CSB” will mean an association with a trustworthy and dependable brand in the industry. CSB is more than just a broker and is driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship, creativity and commendable business ethics. As a financial intermediary, CSB has made a name for itself, with growing presence both in India and overseas.

      While continuing to provide trusted support and advice, CSB allows its Business Associates & their clients to assume charge of their financial prospects, thus assisting them to nurture their net-worth. CSB believes in building a Win-Win relationship with them.

      At CSB, you will be presented with a cutting-edge trading platform and one of the best back-office support systems in the industry. CSB has an ever growing network of business associates spanning all major cities and towns of India.

  • Our Edge
    • Multiple Product Portfolio: CSB offers a wide array of investment solutions and broking strategies with attractive pricing, which will support you and enable you to maximize your earnings, while enhancing the trust that your investors have in you.
    • * Research: CSB has tied up with SIC Global Research & Advisory Services which offers a bouquet of value-added research products, ranging across fundamental and technical research, allowing you to help your clients benefit from market opportunities, present and future.

      *As per the SEBI guidelines

    • Training and Development: CSB understands the needs of Business Associates and hence offers business development support, product training, client acquisition support, client interaction sessions and much more.
    • Business with conscience: CSB’s founder Col. Handa is an ex-Defence personnel from India who lives by Integrity-Commitment-Transparency and hence the organisation adheres to strong ethical and compliance practices.
    • Marketing Support: We will help you to brand your store and support its growth. CSB’s centralized marketing team helps you acquire and retain clients. We also have social media (both Facebook & Twitter) presence and would help you to engage with the right audiences with valuable content. Our blogs are constantly updated and we consistently share insight and provide value every time you connect with your customer. Our Digital marketing initiatives will augment your efforts, allowing you to engage a broader audience to nurture your business.
  • Join Us

      When you join hands with CSB, you have an option to be associated with us as an Authorized Person or a Sub-broker (details mentioned below):

      S. No. Authorized Person Sub-Broker
      1. BSE/NSE --- registered Remesier BSE/NSE --- registered Sub broker
      2. Refundable Deposit – 25000 Refundable Deposit – 50000 (per exchange)
      3. Sharing ratio: 50—50 Sharing ratio: 60-40
      4. Publicity material – Brochures, Flyers, Account opening kit* Publicity material – Brochures, Flyers, Account opening kit*
      5. Global -Research & Advisory Global -Research & Advisory
      6. CSB DP services CSB DP services
      7. Free Multi Exchange trading platform* Free Multi Exchange trading platform*
      8. Actual SEBI registration fees Actual SEBI registration fees
      9. Registration with CSB free of cost Registration with CSB free of cost
      10. Margin – Responsibility of AP Margin – Responsibility of sub broker
      11. 24/7 web enabled Backoffice 24/7 web enabled Backoffice
      12. In-house single CSB number 76 76 922 922 In-house single CSB number 76 76 922 922
  • Client Testimonial

      Mr. Prem

      It's a great pleasure to work with CSB, formerly known as SIC, as a Business Associate since 2002. CSB offers a strong Risk Management System which helps its clients in all kinds of market situations.

      My association with CSB has been a learning experience and it has only added to my knowledge. Their strong research team gives us helpful recommendations. It’s all because of CSB that today I have a loyal and satisfied clientele.


"Your wings already exist.
All you have to do is
FLY with CSB "



Corporate Office

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Regional office

Sic Stocks & Services Pvt Ltd

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